North America

A continent that offers a massive economy, culture, diversity, and way of life. This area covers over nine million square miles, that includes islands, enormous mountain ranges, and beautiful beaches. North America is a group of well-educated people that live free and enjoy genuine life. We specialize in a productive farming market that supplies food to the global population. Ports from the North to the South are populated with ships from all over the globe that transfer freight and trade. Many different languages, skills, art, and personalities make our great continent one good place on Earth.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Hike in cloud and rain forests, pristine golden brown beaches and active volcano's craters. Get closer than you ever imagine to frogs, monkeys, sloths, birds and wildlife and do something different that you have always wanted to do- yoga, whitewater raft, zip lines, surf, dive, snorkel, and enjoy yourself.


Nicaragua's unique geographical position between Honduras and Costa Rica, between the Atlantic and the Pacific enchants you with its lovely, open-hearted people and its extraordinary flora and fauna. In the east, the crystal blue Caribbean Sea - hard to reach, covered with jungles, populated by former slaves from Africa and the tribes of Miskito, Suma and Rama. In the west, the wild Pacific rages - a good infrastructure leads you to the colonial-style towns that were founded by the Spaniards.


They say the Caribbean kept a secret for many years. Colors in a rich and biodiverse reef, a landscape with turquoise blue horizon and mountains covered with tropical forest would be the signs on the map that lead to this natural Honduran treasure.


Go to Bermuda is the perfect place to experience the wonders of wreck diving. The island is the shipwreck diving capital of the Atlantic with more wrecks per square mile than anywhere in the world. Some of these sunken vessels date all the way back to the 1600s. Dive in for your next adventure with these outfitters:

  • Cuba

    This beautiful caribbean island is known for it's stunning white-sand beaches, moutain terrain, tasty cigars and rum. Havana, the capital of Cuba, features historical Spanish architecture dating all the way back to the 16th century. Cuba

  • Trinidad and Tobago

    TT is a island nation that sits off the coast of Venezuela. Geographically TT can be considered South American, but the islands sit on both continent's areas. We have included TT with North

  • El Salvador

    Surrounded by green-tipped volcanoes, San Salvador is beautiful compared to some other North American capital cities. Its leafy suburbs are a site to explore on foot, while its galleries and museums stand out for such a small city. El Salvador

  • Dominican Republic

    We show you the ten best beaches in Punta Cana, the paradisiacal east coast of the Dominican Republic, famous for its 50 kilometers of dream beaches, surrounded by exclusive all-inclusive resorts. Dominican Republic

  • Jamaica

    Jamaica is one of the most diverse and colourful countries in the Caribbean. Our history, our culture and our people have propelled this small island of just 4,111 sq.miles to the international

  • Cayman Islands

    Grand Cayman offers a wide variety of accommodations to suit your needs. From quaint Bed & Breakfasts to 5 Star Hotels there is something... Cayman Islands &

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